Lady Constance, Archaii of the Second Ray


Lady Constance

Archaii of the Second Ray

Cosmic Spirit of Constancy

Divine Complement (Twin Flame) of Archangel Jophiel

Retreat – Temple of Illumination and Constancy, Kashmir, near India, also will work out of Shamballa and Lake Titicaca as needed.

Focus: To bring forth and establish Constancy of Purpose, Service and Endeavor to draw forth Perfection. To bring forth the growth of understanding to make tolerance for others and self easy. To establish the rhythmic outpouring of deep abiding Love of the Spirit of Constancy in support of the habitation of Mother Earth.

Ray Color: Golden Yellow

Flower: Yellow Meadow Larkspur

Symbol: The Golden Six-Pointed Star


“If you have ever built castles in the air, your work need not be lost.  There is where they should be! Now it is time for you to build foundations under them!” ~ Lady Constance


Lady Constance is a forceful spirit of cosmic energy.  She has for eons worked on multiple councils throughout the Omniverse to establish Balance at a constant level.  Call on this great Angelic Being to expand your understanding of what life is bringing to you, then She will support and guide you to understand how to use this as a gift to propel yourself forward to do something positive with that which you have gained.  This powerful Lady if asked will help support you to burst forth in your spiritual understanding within life as you break free of unneeded limitations.

She is a beautiful tall golden blond angel and honored as a powerful Pleiadian Goddess with large piercing eyes. She is much as Her sister, Lady Pacifica with bold and lively energies.  She is very athletic and enjoys a full social life.

She lives with Lord Bromlyn on the Isle of Maia.  They have six children together.  None of their children currently work the Earth at this time.  As She is devoted to the growth of loving perfection through understanding within the hearts of humanity and the upliftment of Mother Gaia, She has left Her home in selfless devotion to assist in the long foretold ascension of Earth.

She comes to us from the Isle of Maia, Pleiades and is of the House of Dino.


    Dear Beloved Lady Constance
    With Thee we are honored to share
    This time of expanding understanding
    Remember of all we are created to be.
    Unto You Dear Lady Who shines
    So staunch in Your beliefs
    As a tower of Strength for all to see.
    A storehouse of Knowledge awakening Self-understanding.
    Guiding us as we remember the lessons of…
    Self-Love, Truth and Inner Vision
    Opening our eyes so we may see.
    We thank you, Beloved Lady Constance
    As You shelter us as a Mother,
    Love us as Sister,
    Guide us as a benevolent Friend.
    Always tireless in Your efforts
    To stir remembrance within our hearts.
    That we may call, remember, awaken and forever understand.
    We are so grateful to Thee.



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