Change Is In The Air


Lady Claudine Vanairus, Goddess of Change

“Greetings, I AM Lady Claudine, known throughout the Heavens as the Goddess of Change. I have come forth to extend congratulations for a job well done! What you dear awakened ones have brought forth has never before been witnessed anywhere in Creation! Indeed Change is in the Air! It is in the air that you breathe, the water, your food, and yes even within your hearts. Feel the pulsations of Change within every breath you take, every beat of your hearts. Change abounds everywhere upon your world!”  

“We have together as One reached a crossroads that has been called the ‘days of sifting the chaff from the wheat’. It is a momentous point within Creation that brings forth within it blessings unknown to Earth man before the days you are now leaping forward into. These are the days in which a call is being sent forth to activate a growing number of willing hearts and hands to serve. Know all who choose to serve have already pledged to do so in these most precious hours.”  

“Each heart now incarnated on Earth has been granted a most important wish sent forth unto our Creator for support and pledged to BE the very best of you. Where do you as an individual stand within your sacred pledge? Have you been diligent in the fulfillment of your Earthly contracts that you authored? I ask you dear ones to trust in your inner knowingness. And in doing so, bring forth your personal power born forth of the Light of the Heart of our Creator that beats upon your heart’s holy altar.”

“Some of you have recently opened your eyes, your hearts, your minds unto more truth as you now have determined to live free of the lies of your world. Some of you are the Wayshowers who have actively served to usher All Life on Earth unto the most glorious of days. Then we have those who stand somewhere in between. Although I serve upon your Earth’s Karmic Board, I have not come forth to judge you, yet to encourage you onward!”

“Serving the Light of God within these Days of Change need not be a struggle. Know and BE JOY! Yes, Joy in Action! As you go about your daily activities, whether running an errand to a local store, office or your place of employment for example, allow the Light of our Creator, the Golden Christ Light, the Radiant Pink Love from On High to be planted with each step you take upon your beloved Mother Earth. You may choose to visualize this in your chosen manner. See that with each step you take you are planting hearts of pink love, golden ankhs for those from Sirius, glowing golden Flowers of Life or golden Suns all filled with Divine Love and Light as all will bless your Mother Earth and those who walk across the pathways of blessings you have gifted them with. Easy, yes! Let us spread the Love, the Light with Joy!”

“Many ask to be guided to be of greater service, yet find that many powerful meditations work not within their busy schedules. So I have come forth to share a second manner in which you may be of great service anytime of day or night. It is quite simple and yet powerful beyond human understanding. Please allow me to guide you with an answer for that which you have called for…”

“Begin by being in nature. It matters not where you go. It may be to the beach, to the mountains, the forests, valleys, canyon lands, grottoes, riverbanks, parks or even within your own garden. Either sit upon the ground or kick off your shoes with your bare feet upon the ground then allow your heart-flame to connect deep within the Heart of Mother Earth, to become one within your hearts. See and feel this loving connection. Feel Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Allow your heart to beat with her heart’s rhythm as you slow your breathing.

Become one with your Mother.

Feel Her Love carry you into the cosmic river of Loving Oneness.

Be this Oneness,





Expand your consciousness above your world,

Beyond the moon, and see her from above.

Breath in the Freedom and be Oneness,

Glorious, all pervasive Oneness.

Ahhh… relax into this Presence,

This Sacred Presence from which you came forth.

Yes, it is so, as this is the River that flows from the Heart of our Creator…

Bathe within this Oneness, seeing your being shine of Opalescence…

sparkling as if a radiant Diamond shining the Light of Oneness, of Opalescence.

As you view your world from above, connect with your heart within your physical body

then connect deep within the Heart of your Mother.

Become Oneness and shine of crystalline Opalescence.

From where your body sits or stands, wrap Mother Earth with the Power of Oneness moving eastward reaching from North to South Poles, see the Oneness wrap Mother Earth.

Fill Mother Earth’s atmosphere with Oneness. Allow this Oneness to bathe all of your world and All Life upon her as if a soft rain.

Bathe your world, your family with Loving Opalescent Oneness.

Hold this energy, this sacred vision sustained to reactivate as you so desire.

Now as you return within your physical body, allow your heart to shine forth Oneness. This is a manner in which you may embody more of thy true being as well as uplift your brother and sisters and your Mother Earth. Easy, yet powerful. Yes!

 ~  I AM Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change”



The Starseed Highway is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is shared for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. ~ Trillia Gia/ The Starseed Highway