A Sacred Threshold in Time


A Sacred Threshold in Time

by The Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine

Greetings dear Children of our Most High Father Mother God! ‘I AM’ The Goddess of Change known within the Pleiades as their Queen from the Isle of BerWare. I come again this day to speak unto your hearts. It is within my service given unto Life to usher in the Solar Winds of Change! I have come forth to Earth with the great Legions of Light sent forth from our Mother God The Shekinah. I congratulate each of you that have come forth as Legions of Light upon your Earth, as emissaries of our God Parents Alpha and Omega. Job well done! For indeed we have together progressed greatly as One Heart to uplift thy Mother Earth and All Life upon and within her! Much change is before you. It is an exciting time for you to live upon Mother Earth. Is it not? Yes! Indeed, let us join our hearts as One and celebrate with the Legions of Light throughout Creation! For indeed we are All One Heart!

My message to you this day is one of congratulations, gratitude from the Legions above! Now upon Mother Earth you have progressed through that known upon Earth as your Chinese New Year. You are now within a vortex of time in which you have a choice of that which you wish to create. It is now time to fully prepare and anchor the divine blueprint that YOU choose to bring forth! Ahhhhh… did you know that this is part of your chosen Earth mission?

Each of you have come forth accepting numerous assignments within your soul groups and extended families. For indeed we are all family, and we have bits of family here and there on assignments within the greater picture of your collective chosen soul missions. Yes dear ones, you as well have accepted personal missions unique to your individual given divine qualities. Each of you are so much greater than thy human mind remembers. How have you done dear ones in completing your sacred missions? Have you just begun? Are you half way through? Are you ready for graduation? Do you yet know? It is time to access where you stand within this to step forth fully within the Freedom of the Love and Light that YOU were created to shine of! So, I ask of all of you to make good use of this year. Fulfill your part within thy greater soul group and personal missions that you have chosen to be of. You volunteered before the Karmic Board to do so, as you were granted permission to step forth within human form upon your beautiful Mother Gaia within this most sacred expansion of Christ Light, that which we celebrate as the Light of Kristos which is birthed through all Suns!

Did you dear children of the Most High God realize that you came forth to prepare the New Earth as Mother Gaia reaches this most auspicious moment and long heralded point in time? Many say that time does not exist. Ahhh, indeed. Outside the spirals of time it does not. Yet you are here within this spiral of time to know Love of thy BEing, to bring it forth in its fullness and create that which is flowing from the Heart of our God Parents Alpha and Omega to express through thy higher heart portal onto the outer screens of life upon Gaia. So let us join together as One Voice as we gather within our high hearts to call upon the Will and the Light of our Father God Alpha and the Love from our Mother God Omega to pour forth through our open heart chalices upon Mother Gaia to bless All Life.


You must first cleanse thy chalice, yes? To allow the fullness of Christ Light to fill thy cup, you must first wash it clean! Let go of the false stories of lack, limitation, guilt and suffering! You are NOT victims! Call forth upon the magnificent and all powerful Solar Violet Flame to bathe within, washing all remnants of shadows to be gone forever! Bathe within the radiance of Divine Love from the Heart of thy Father Mother God Parents! Release the false story that you do not have a Mother above! How ridiculous is that old story brought forth to suppress the Mother which is the Holy Spirit, Omega, an essential aspect of thy sacred Tri-Fold Flame blazing upon the altar within thy heart! Allow it to be so and rejoice! As you do thus, ask for that which you desire to see, to out-picture upon the screen of life before you. Wash away with the Solar Violet Flame all that which you no longer wish to be, and in doing so send it forth upon the Winds of Change to be forever gone.

As the Solar Winds carry the Solar Violet Flame within them, as they pour through thy sacred heart chalice you can direct the sacred Winds of Change to carry forever from thy Being that which you no longer wish to be! Do so by simply calling forth upon the Solar Winds of Change to expand the blessings flowing through thy sacred higher heart portal, to carry forth the blessings from On High beyond any measure to touch and bless All Life within the sacred Spirals of Creation. Allow the Solar Winds to go full circle and spiral higher uplifting Mother Earth and All Life here. As the sacred winds blow forth across the landscape see it carrying forth the highest visions you desire to bless all life as you yourself accept such blessings within thy own Being. Ask that as these divine blessings are sent forth unto all your brothers and sisters and unto thy Mother Earth that they are magnified beyond limit! Can you do so? Yes! Indeed this is easy and uplifting dear ones! You now have crossed the threshold where all shall easily flow forth as you choose!


Within the keys to your success lies the completion of your personal missions. The greatest personal mission given to each soul walking upon Mother Earth is to Love thyself FREE! Free of the lies that have been accepted as truth, yet are merely fading illusions that some rightfully define as nightmares! Step forth fully from the shadows of illusionary dreams into the Fullness of Light. Take birth within thy Love of all that you are! As you continue to step forth through this most sacred threshold, unfurl your wings to soar upon the River of Love into FREEDOM! Do not hold onto that which is crumbling and fading away. Open thy heart to see, to remember, to KNOW! Do not accept any longer as truth that which is preached to all from your media and pulpits, from thy governments and their mocking voices of fear, nor their tsunamis of lies which have been given as your history! All untruth is fading away, as indeed it was birthed within the shadows! Release the tradition of living within false light and step forth to shine of the Golden Sun of the the Light of Christ!

You are no longer to be held as captives within the fading lies. It is time to stand forth within the Light of the Truth of who YOU are! Let us rejoice and open thy hearts dear radiant ones! The planet of lies is gone. For those who have chosen to remain within the fading illusion, your free will choice is honored and you as others before you shall continue onward to be birthed upon another 3D planet to continue within your chosen lessons. Is it not a coincidence that you are now hearing of other planets that can sustain life similar to that which exists on Earth? Ha! This is no coincidence for they call to those who have chosen to incarnate upon their shores. So dear ones, I say unto those among you who choose to walk forth within the fullness of the Pathways of Love, do not worry of those who choose to not spiral higher with those of you who choose to do so, for they are in alignment with that which is appropriate for their sacred hearts. Send them Love as you go forth upon thy chosen pathways upward and onward fulfilling your sacred missions!

Is this not a joyous moment? Know dear Child of the Most High that you are a gifted one trained well, for only those who are the most gifted and highly trained souls were prepared and given the blessings to step forth within a human body within this time. In the fullness of Light from our Father God your free will choice is always honored. So Awaken! Awaken! Awaken dear hearts to the beauty, to the treasures here now for thy Being.

Do not fear. Love only is thy mission! Freedom through Love is the teaching of your Beloved Yeshua and His Divine Complement Mary Magdalene who are known to us in their fuller Lighted Presence as Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Open thy heart portals and accept Divine Truth. Know we are One as Children of the Most High God! Together let us join hands, let us join hearts and sing! Call upon I as your Sister who has joined with you for together in One Voice we create the New Day!

~ I Am The Goddess of Change Lady Claudine



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