Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change


Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine Vanairus

Elohim of the Tenth Ray

Goddess of Change  ~ Lady Claudine is the Pleiadian Queen of the Isle of BerWare.


‘The real voyage of discovery consists in not seeking new landscapes but of having new eyes.”

Lady Claudine



I have included the song ‘I Am Woman’  by Helen Reddy.  Lady Claudine sent this song to Helen Reddy as an anthem for the Mother’s energies coming forth on Earth to bring needed balance as so needed in this out of balance world ruled by a patriarchy that does not honor the Mother Goddess.  Lady Claudine’s original mother, Mother Isis, speaks proudly of Her daughter Lady Claudine who wrote these words as a young girl of just 12 years old… May you listen to these words written by a young Pleiadian girl that speak of the God-given power of women….


The Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine, is the Lead Council member of the BerWarian Council. She heads the Elohim in this quadrant of Creation.  She has come to Earth and is the Lead Elohim working within the Rocky Mountain Retreat on Earth.  She has joined the Karmic Board of Earth to bring balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  She along with Her twin flame, Lord Centell, represent the Gold Ray to bring forth Universal Balance, Spiritual Freedom and Peace and Ultimate Change to bring about Freedom for the betterment of all Humanity.

She is known throughout this Omniverse for Her powerful stone workings that create Peace and Change.  She brought the Star Wars to an end. She is well over 8′ tall with a beautiful tanned complexion, large golden eyes and long white flowing hair filled with colorful beads, diamonds and bells. She is a very powerful lady that moves with a willowy grace.  It is said by many that She comes as the wind.

Lady Claudine is the sister of Lady Rowena, the aunt to the reigning Shekinah and a beloved Daughter of Isis.  She has 18 children with countless grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She is from the House of Coupe.

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Comment by Lord Rananda Kumara (via Cmdr. Zanna):

Lord Rananda Kumara via (Walk-in) Cdr Zanna :- One of my treasured memories is of dancing with this great and beautiful Lady and Her Sister, Lady Rowena, at the great celebration aboard that great Pleiadian mothercraft “The White Winds”, after playing a part in the 12:12:12 birth of Mother Earth into 5D. Lady Claudine and Lady Rowena of the Gold and Pink Rays, respectively, acted for The Divine Mother in giving birth to Mother Earth;- Gold and Pink are the colours of Divine Love and of the Higher Heart. Mother Earth’s Higher Heart had to be opened to give Her birth into 5D. It is located at Glastonbury Tor in the UK. This was the `Crowning” of the new babe. She has recently completed Her birth into 5D. — Much Love from Rananda. —


The Winds of Change


The Winds of Change came forth unto the land,

Bringing peaceful revolution to all lands.

See the changes….

Hear the winds so gently say

‘Change… reform… BE Now!

Note the differences in each soul.

See the Faith… the Hope…

The Love return.

Become a believer unto the good of man.

Feel the changes in the wind.

See these breezes transform the masses

Into a peaceful land.

The Time Is Now and ALL must change.

Seek no longer where to find.

Find only peace within thyself.

Make it contagious around the world.

Feel the winds,

See the changes,

Live in the Moment of Rebirth

Feel the winds,

See the changes,

Know the Time is NOW!

Brought forth by Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change

So Be It!


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