Lady Clarity – Archaii of the Eighth Ray

Clarity Angel

Lady Clarity

Archaii of the Eighth Ray

Divine Complement (Twin Flame) to Archangel Aquariel

Colors:  Aqua, Sea Foam Green

Retreat: Shamballa

Focus: To bring forth the energies of Pure Sight and Clarity to humanity. Supports humanity in working through issues of Clarity of Vision and Understanding on a karmic level.

Lady Clarity (Lady Mary Beth Zander) is a soft clear energy from the Isle of Alconia in the Pleiades.  She is a bronzed beauty that stands over eight feet tall, with long flowing blonde curls that often fall over Her huge golden eyes. She appears delicate and reserved yet calls forth instantly as needed a soft overpowering energy that brings forth clear vision.

Lady Clarity sits on the Council of the Pleiades. She has taught in the schools on the Isle of Maia, Morova, and within the Temple of Truth on Begelium, the highest point of God Light on the upper edge of the Constellation of Orion.  She is from the House of Morya.



Within Clarity one finds Truth.  Within Truth one lives in Clarity.

Much of humanity on Mother Gaia since her fall into the dark ages, which she is now ascending from, have never found Clarity. As humanity continues to awaken in consciousness to become active galactic citizens, Clarity is a needed element all shall expand within their own BEings. Ascension cannot unfold in any other manner for all sentient life. Once the Seven known Sacred Rays are mastered, the next step to awaken within thy consciousness is the Eighth Ray of Clarity. 

To reawaken to the Truth of thy Being comes forth as a blessing found within the embodiment of Clarity and ushers in the longed for Freedom.  The access to the eternal path of Clarity lies within the heart flame of each being.  As one decides they are ready to release themselves from the boundage of worn out matrixes of worlds that they no longer wish or need to experience, the journey within begins.  Once the quest for Clarity has begun within thy heart your call for clear vision of that which is, knowingness and understanding begins to more frequently and rapidly manifest within thy daily living. Clarity comes to you as guided from your Higher Self as signs given unto you along your chosen path. Answers to inquiries sent are increasingly easy to find. One expands remembrances throughout time continuums and galaxies through the expanding Oneness of All that you are. Respect and honoring of one’s personal intuition becomes normal. Respect and love for All Life pulsates through your heart. Synchronicities abound. 

As one journeys within in the desire to expand Clarity, one no longer will energize that of fading illusions. For those choosing Ascension one discovers a bit of dross here and there along this sacred path. To continue to onward spiral upon this most  sacred path these are healed, released, honored and forgiven. Spells and old pledges that bind are consciously broken and forever released, that expanding Clarity expands more Light of Truth to beckon one onward. Personal power, once given freely or through seeming coercion to that which you no longer resonate, is gathered as guided by ones Clarity of Purpose. That which one holds intention upon enters newly unfolding outer screens of life to take birth or to be discarded consciously.  Freedom of choice, within this process of awakening as guided by your Higher Self, manifests through Clarity of Self, of Purpose, and expansion of the highest intent expressing through thy Being.

The Winds of expanding Clarity are blessings sent forth within the Sacred Breath of our Creator.  Winds of Clarity are blowing throughout the sacred lands, across the great waters touching each fiber of Life upon and within Mother Gaia. Clarity dispels illusions dissolving old matrix boundaries. Clarity brings forth Freedom within found in Truth. Expand thy Clarity within dear ones, that Freedom can ring loudly upon your screen of life in waves shaking loose all not birthed in Love. Release old pains, false judgments borne of fading dreams. Know Joy dear ones as within these days of Ascension and Resurrection all not of Love shall continually dissipate making room for the Clarity found in New Life borne of Love. 

Call upon I, Lady Clarity, dear Children of the Most High to assist you upon your chosen pathways of Ascension. It is my highest honor and chosen service to uplift All Life upon this journey within the expansion of Clarity.  May we join as One Heart upon the sacred Path of Clarity.

~ In Loving Service, I AM Lady Clarity 


goddess light

Beloved Source of all

Enfold us in Your arms of Peace

Guide us in Your eternal Light of Clarity.

Open up the pathways to Clarity to all hearts and minds

To accept the currents of the aqua Light into our world and environment,

So we may serve this sweet planet.

We thank you for giving us clear vision.

In the Name of the Mother, I AM.  ~ from Lady Clarity



Dear Mother Father God,

Please help me see the clarity of my being,

To know who I AM and what I AM about.

Aqua Ray so clear and clean,

Like the waves of the ocean,

Cleanse me, clear me, make me shine as Thee.

I immerse myself in Your sparkling waters

To see the Truth of me.

Allow the sands upon the beach

To be as the multitude of men.

As I walk upon Thy shores,

Let me be the example of Clarity.

We ask this of Thee, Beloved Mother Father God.

So Be It, Beloved “I AM”



Decree to Lady Clarity

(Lady Mary Beth)

Hail to Thee, Beloved Lady Clarity, Archaii of the Eighth Ray.

We Give thanks unto Thee for the service You bring forth to Humanity of Earth.

We call upon Your energies of Clarity to bring forth Insight into our daily lives,

Helping us to See Clearly, giving us Clarity in sight and all visions.

Surround us with Your Aqua Ray of Clarity, blessing humanity with clear vision,

Help us to work through our old paradigm issues that we may clearly see, know and understand that which we truly are and all that we can be.

Supported within Your blessings we can see beyond limited human sight and expand our lives within new awareness in crystal clear Clarity.

Oh, Beloved Lady Clarity, we send our gratitude unto Thee.

In God’s Most Holy Name, “I AM”.



Energy of Clarity

Beloved Beings sending forth Clarity to Humanity,

Lead us to see the Truth of Self, of Mother Earth, that we may cleanse and clear away the past.

Shine forth a Focus of Clarity expanding God Light of Truth and Honesty,

That we may bring forth Days of Newness in Peace and true Freedom.

With Clear Vision may Clarity reign within the hearts of humanity to shine forth across all lands allowing illusions of separation to fade.

Expand the Ray of Clarity within all who wish to see and know that which they are created to BE.

May we as One Heart stand within the fullness of Clear Vision free of old illusions and fears.

Together may we join as One Heart free within forever expanding Clear Vision knowing Truth in Clarity has come.

Shining forth within the Joy of Jubilation that Clarity of Vision for God’s children has won!

So Be It Beloved “I AM”!


The Flame of Clarity

In the full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God I AM, I and the Beloved Holy Christ selves of all Humanity,

We Command that all the vibrating impulses in our emotional, etheric and physical bodies which are not in tune…

Listen Now and Forever to the Sounds of the Flame of Clarity.

Rebuild each cell of our minds to bring forth thoughts of Clarity and actions to a state of Loving God Perfection.

We call forth Divine Waves of Clarity to bathe all Humanity sending forth needed Clarity of Vision to all parts of this world to be felt and accepted by all hearts who wish to see, to know, to remember the Truth of their Sacred Identity.

In Oneness of Clear Vision our High Hearts accept our call fulfilled

For We Are One Heart, forever ‘I AM’.


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