Lady Astrea, Elohim of the Fourth Ray


Lady Astrea

Elohim of the Fourth Ray of Purification and Divine Concept

Divine Complement (Twin flame): Lord Clair

Focus: Consuming and transmuting the psychic or astral substance in the atmosphere and within individual life-streams.  Clears vortexes around the world.

Ray Color:  White

Personal Color: Blue

Flower: Blue Asters

Symbol:  Cross




I AM a rushing wind upon thy planet.

I AM a Light of Light,

Pushing back the darkness,

Releasing only God Light.

I AM a Force upon this planet

A Light, a shining Light,

Bringing forth a Love

For all humanity to treasure here.

I AM a mighty rushing River

Washing free this world

Of all not of the God Light.

Replacing all fear

With only Love and Harmony.

A world so crystal clear,

I AM a force upon this planet

Anchoring God’s Light here.

In the Name of Light “I AM”

–Affirmation written by Lady Astrea


Lady Astrea is a tall 8’6″ stately blonde.  She has very large blue violet lined eyes.  She is known as a tower of strength and for Her aggressive energy.  She is a hard worker for the cause of Justice. She works daily with Archangel Michael to cleanse the astral plane with their mighty Circle and Sword of BlueFlame.  She is devoted to healing our environment. Works against black magic and dark vortexes.

She has served on our Karmic Board in the past and presently serves on several major councils.  She claims Her Arcturian heritage yet She was raised on the Pleiadian Isle of Airus. She is a sister of Lady Miriam, Lady Faith, Lady Sarah and Lady Victoria.  She is the daughter of Holy Aeolus.  She is from the House of Kadish.

 She is recently mated to Archangel Michael.  They enjoy the rugged outdoors and crisp mountain air of the Canadian Rockies. They often go horseback riding in the mountains. Lady Astrea is well known as an expert rider.



In the full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God “I Am” we call forth the Ascended Master Presence of Beloved Mighty Astrea. OH COSMIC LADY OF PURITY…WE LOVE YOU!

SEAL, SEAL, SEAL us all of Humanity and especially the younger generation and their parents in Your Cosmic Circle and Sword of Blue Flame!

With Your Powers of Love and Light, close in upon and remove all barnacles of self, all psychic substance, all human creation, in, through and around or driven against us.

*TRANSMUTE it all into Ascended Masters’ Vibration of Love, Opulence, and Victory of the Light of God that ALWAYS MANIFESTS PERFECTION (3X)





So be it!


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