Lady Isis, Mother Goddess

cropped-motherisisLady Isis

Lady Isis – Eternal Mother

This is a sharing written, and being re-shared through I, Trillia Gia, this day, by Lord Ashtar’s second daughter, Lady JoVeena.

 As I share this with you Mother Isis is with me today to add more info within as She wishes.  Please open your heart to tune into the Goddess that stands above all others…. Trillia

 ‘There is much disinformation of I, Isis, this day on Earth which includes the great insults and slander of me by those who stand within the shadows.  I have asked dear Trillia to help clear the air and shine Light upon the Truth of I.  Please come sit with Me and open thy being to know of I.’  ~ I Am Isis

Today we have the incredible honor of having the opportunity to interview Isis, the Goddess, Eternal Mother.  There is no one that comes close to Her. The highest of the Hierarchy bow to this great woman.  When I sent forth a request to have an interview with Her I did not really expect that it would be granted.  Up until a few years ago (1993) Mother Isis had been in silence for many years.  We of the Cosmic Family (an awakened group of Starseeds/ground crew of which I was a part of for around 17 years) were most fortunate to meet this sacred woman at Her home near Sedona.  Few have ever had this opportunity.

History has told:  Isis is the most powerful of all the Goddesses.  She has the knowledge of all things.  Isis lived in Egypt from 3000 BC to the second century AD.  She was worshiped as the Great Mother Goddess of the Universe.  It is said that Her milk nourished all living beings.  Through those many years it is said that She was present every day at sunrise and at the time of the new and full moon especially during the Spring Equinox.

Widely celebrated by many today She is often shown wearing a headdress with a solar disc between two cow horns.  She is often shown with the wind of a kite.  She was born in Egypt as the daughter of the Goddess Nut.  Most people are somewhat familiar with the story of Osiris and Isis, brother and sister who married in Egypt.

As they grew in stature Isis taught the local people how to grind corn, spin flax and weave cloth.  As She passed on Her great knowledge to the people they began to worship Her.  Isis was a great healer known to be the most powerful of all Egyptian Goddesses.  Osiris was murdered by His brother Set. Through the power of Love Isis brought Him back from the dead.  She then conceived Horus which formed a keystone for the Pharaohs.

She is known as the Lady of the Light and Flame.  She is the Mistress of Dawn.  The Greeks called Her Demeter and Hera.  From Rome Her name was carried throughout their empire and worshiped.  The list of titles of honor is endless for the great Lady.   She is a teacher of teachers from the ages past, known throughout the Omniverse as the Mother of Time, The Great One from recorded history under many names.

She came originally from Sothis, or the Sirius group as we call it and is of the House of Gia.  She spent eons in BeAir, Beetlejuice (aka Bejelium, the greatest Light within the Lighted Orion Constellation) teaching and raising Her daughters.  She is known for a line of children still called by Her name.  There are but a small number of them on Earth today.  Her children are the leaders of tomorrow.  This has been true through the ages of time. Many celebrations honor Her throughout the Omniverse each year.  For those of us blessed enough to share a moment in time with Her, we are indeed most honored.

Lady Isis moves with a queenly air, as graceful as Her beloved large black cat She simply calls Cat.  He has been with Her through time as Her protector.  She is a slender tall Sirian from the Isle of Osiris referred to by many as Sirius B.  Her world of today still puts Her in the setting of grandeur.  She continues to wear Her black hair long in the style of the Egyptians that She so loved.  She does not wear a headdress anymore unless for a high ceremony.  She often holds Her hair back with huge combs or often flowers to decorate Her braids.  Her richly tanned skin seems to glisten with a silky smoothness as She plays with Her hair as She talks.  My room is filled with Her unmistakable energy as She comes in.  There is no mistaking who this most elegant woman is.  Yet She quickly puts me at ease as Her energy is that of a mother.  I find myself responding to Her in that manner.

Her face shines with a large radiant smile which changes to a thoughtful expression as She gives great thought to each question.

‘Greetings, my Lady.  It is indeed my great honor to sit in Your presence this night.  Thank you for allowing this interview.’

She smiles and indicates that She is pleased to be here.  I begin the interview as She relaxes back into the cushions of the sofa.  Her nails are long and golden.  Upon Her fingers She wears many of Her golden rings for this Lady loves gold.  She wears a few large diamonds, mostly scarabs, one of Her favorite things She tells me.  She plays with one of Her rings as She asks what my questions are for Her.  She was sitting here in my living room as if it was something that She did often.  She was so comfortable, so serene and so alive.  There is a timelessness about Her.  I had no idea how long we sat there and talked…a short while, yet forever.

‘My Lady, can you please tell us about when you first came to Earth?’

‘Well actually, I can.  I was a very young girl and came to Earth with a group of people you would call Sirians.  I came to an area that was plush, beautiful and tropical.  In a childlike way I thought all of Terra was like this beautiful place.  Many, many people who came with I thought this also and indeed it was like that millions of years ago.  Clear, clear waters, a place you wanted to return to, fresh and new.  I was not yet known as Isis nor Eset.  I was just a young Osirian.

‘My people came to make a colony which did not last on Terra for many years.  Then many, many years later I returned to Terra during the Egyptian era.  Times were much different.  A civilization was already established in the area you call Egypt.  Here I lived and worked and grew and established myself.  Here I came into my own as a mother, leader and friend to Man of Earth.’  ~ Isis

‘My Lady, seeing Earth then and seeing it today, what are your impressions?’

‘It is like being on a totally different planet, and it was not that long ago.  It is very sad, very sad what has happened here.  I think the saddest part is the Mother herself.

‘Every planet is aware there will be buildings upon it.  There shall be civilizations that will learn through technology.  You will have experimentation that are not unpainful.  It is just the way it is.  The people of Earth brought ultimately anger and destruction to themselves, but also anger and harm to the Mother. Today I feel tremendous sadness all over the world, extreme worry, a foreboding in everyone.  Joy and happiness and peace you find little of anywhere.  It so saddens I.’  ~Isis

She seems to be in deep thought after this and there was great feeling upon Her face.  It was clear that She so loves this world and the condition it is in is very painful for Her.

‘What is one of the most important things to you?’ I ask of Her.

‘Oh,’ She says as She stretches out on the sofa.  ‘Family.  Family is without question the most important experience you can have.  What is family?  Family are those that gave you life, surrounded you with siblings, security, love, warmth, a sense of who you are.  Now family can be the relationship that you develop with such as your brother, sister or with a man you call friend or lover.  Family then becomes the children from a union.  In your world today a stronger family unit is a unit of like-mind sharing life together.  Whatever that is, whatever family is to you, family has to be the most important thing in your life.  Now, we could be talking about your individual family or your world family.  We do not always have to love every member of our family, but we need to give them an opportunity to be a member of that family.’

‘My Lady, there is a lot of interest in the Goddess right now, and you will find many books written on this subject.  Please explain what the Goddess belief really is.’

Her eyes riveted to me as She sits upright and begins to speak.  ‘For many people when they think of the Goddess they think of pagan, wicca.  They think of ancient times.  In actuality, the Goddess is the same today as eons ago.  It is not wicca and never will be.’  She states simply. ‘The Goddess is the belief in the Mother….Monarchy, to believe in the Mother God.  This belief was very popular and the only belief until the men took over.  A new era came into being.  The village people of this time believed as they had for eons of time.  Then a new religion came along, one that believes that everyone has to believe as they.  And soon wars came and the villagers or pagans as they were called were destroyed.  Why?  Because they believed differently than the new belief and the new belief was based on male philosophy.’ ~ Isis

‘To believe in the Goddess is to believe in the fundamental belief that the Mother that gives life to all is superior.  Father cannot give life.  He can create it within you, but he cannot produce it.  It is only the Mother than can give life.  Then it is she that raises the child, the son, the daughter into their belief and the importance of the giver of life.  So, if you believe that the male is the most dominant, what are you saying to your mother?  She gave you life. She gave you breath.  How can someone be more than she?  Then the Goddess is the Power of the Woman.  This is a very shortened version, but I am sure you see.  No?  Now, make this clear.  Not every woman is a Goddess.  Does that answer your question?’ ~Isis

Was She reading my mind?  With a smile She imparted this wisdom as She was also bringing forth a vast knowledge for I to open to receive it.  It is said that you learn more from what Isis does not say than what She does say when in Her presence.  I continually felt while before Her that there were continuous volumes of knowledge She was sending me.  I felt in Her presence the power of being a woman in a way I had never felt before nor understood.

‘To continue, the Goddess belief is as ancient as time.  It was the beginning belief of this Omniverse.  It is in the majority still.  Unlike the male beliefs, the Mother is the overseer, the connection to God, the softness of Love, the Faith eternal, ever giving, always present, always the giver of Life and Love.  There are no thoughts of unequal balance, for all must be in balance to bring Peace and Harmony to all.  Unlike Earth, most people in the Omniverse live in total free Harmony and Peace.  Only the Mother can provide that continual Peace, we so believe.  This is not the belief of many goddess groups today.  The power of the woman’s life must be equal and balanced to live.’  ~Isis

‘Dear Lady, why have you chosen to return to the outer world at this time after being in silence for so long?’

‘I decided that is is time for people to receive the message again, that my silence was not doing any good.  Those that have heard my words many years ago are stuck in the past and we must be current for today’s world.  The knowledge that I imparted to those who studied with me eons ago is very pertinent for today.  I am not teaching something new or something different.  I am bringing forth your memories so you can help this world find balance and peace!  I believe it is very important for the Isotonians of your world to come together with their memories and unite.’  ~ Isis

‘My Lady, what are you like as a woman?’

She laughs and seems a bit startled by my question.  I wondered if She was ever asked this question.  Humans put our spiritual teachers upon pedestals.  It is often a complaint that I have heard from many of our Hierarchy that we do not look upon them nor treat them as real people.

Isis begins, ‘Well, I would say that I am a pretty average, everyday person..  I enjoy life.  I take time to smell the roses.  The watching of the sun to rise each morning is important.  The joyous celebrations of womanhood, the Equinox, the importance of laughter, time spent on an echoing stream, and tinkering bells, of a harp and the song of a bird, the shrill delights of a child, laughter, a perfect summer day.  That is I.  Am I modest?  I do not think so.’

A glorious smile was on Her face.  She was enjoying just thinking about these things.  ‘I like to dance!  I like to sing, but I do not have a very good voice.  I like to observe life.  Living above Sedona, that is pretty easy.  A few things might surprise people.  I like animal prints, big metallic gaudy gold, big shiny things like earrings and rings and necklaces.  I like sheer flowing fabrics, mainly gold.  I think people would call me eccentric.  I think I have a good sense of humor.  I am real.  I do not stand on a pedestal.  I jumped down long ago.  You cannot be a wife, a mother, a teacher and not get a little dirty, a little tarnished.  Just goes with the territory.  That is the way life is.  I like onion soup, cucumbers and butterflies, almonds, figs and dates. I am a strict vegetarian.  Yes, I do eat!  Shock!!!  I enjoy loving.  I encourage my girls to be strong, to be powerful, to stand up for their rights and live life to its fullest.  I am as real a woman as any alive.  I live in you, and you live in Me.’  ~Isis

‘You know I am a person who has always enjoyed helping others, but I enjoy a party, fellowship, of sitting down and conversing, whether it is over a glass of wine (non-alcoholic), tea, coffee, in an elegant garden or a deserted beach or in the middle of an ocean.  The joining together of people, of hearing their opinions….I may not agree with yours, that is all right.  I like a lively talk filled with laughter, learning new knowledge.  Many people of today’s world do not do this.  They sit in front of a screen, a ballgame, an Olympics, and sometimes a town meeting.  They are so afraid of letting the true self come forward.  They have closed doors.  They know not of themselves, nor do they know their brothers and sisters!  A great shame!’  She sat for a moment in thought and then She continued.  ‘I think a song I like better that any other song in the Universe which was written by one of my daughters (Lady Claudine, the Goddess of Change) a few million years ago and brought forth on Earth by Helen Reddy is I Am Woman.’  

At this point She began singing the song as She shared the story of Her daughter writing it.  Her daughter was twelve years old at the time.  She asked that I include some of the words here…

I am woman, here me roar in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend. ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before, and I’ve been down there on the floor, and no one’s gonna keep me down again.  Oh, YES I Am Wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain.  Yes I’ve paid the price, but look how much I’ve gained.  If I have to, I can do anything!  I Am strong!  I Am invincible!  I Am Woman!’

Her voice rang out there in my living room, and I too felt the power of being a woman.  She continues, ‘It is important to ROAR!  It is important to stand as who you are.  It is important to take your power back!’ ~Isis

I sat there staring at this most magnificent, amazing woman as She sat there in the whirl of golds and glitter.  Mother Isis gazed upon me with so much love.  She then asks if I have anymore questions for Her.

‘Yes, my Lady.  What do you see of the future of our world?’  It is Her world too as Her sacred retreat is within the Earth’s atmosphere….

‘This is a time for people to unite, for the women of the world to unite.  The Time Is Now!’ ~Isis

‘A nervous time.  A time we have all been preparing for.  Now is not the time to be on a trip around the world.  It is not the time to strike out on your own and to travel and take a spiritual journey.  It is a time to be steady.  To be prepared, to bring forth all the training you ever had in my temple, to use it to the utmost, to use the Goddess you are…. to find the peace of the future for the Goddess is the future.  The Goddess is the Mother God.’  ~Isis

Her words were said in earnestness with a feeling of ‘do it now, do it right,’ might I add… ‘this time.’

‘In closing I want to thank you, JoVeena, for asking me to express a mere brief part of the true picture of I.  I feel that it is important that women do not get caught up in being I.  For each woman to reach out now to the inner strength of themselves, to find that power and become that power.  Stand up for the rights of the woman of today.  Allow your voice to be heard!’ ~Isis

With a laugh She uncurled and as if ready to depart She added,  ‘Do not come looking for me.  You shall not find me in the rocks of Sedona.  Look for the power of the Goddess within yourself!  It is my great honor to share a moment in time.’

When I looked up She was gone as easily as She had appeared.  The room was different.  A warm glow lingered with Her energy.  I sat there drinking this energy in thinking of Her words and how we can each put them into practice.  Her energy is still within the room.  It is different as am I.  I hope after reading this you feel Her energies and know the difference too. ~Lady JoVeena, daughter of Lord Ashtar and Lady Rowena



Lady Isis

~ Sun Goddess, Flower brought forth from the Sun ~

Twinflame:  Lord Osiris who was recently reborn into the Pleiades!  His birthday is April 16th.

Osiris: A Ceremony of Rebirth

Retreat: Temple Of Light, Temple of the 1st Sun, Temple of Education and Learning, Sedona, AZ., USA  Isis’  Temple has 2 golden columns at the entrance and steps of gold.

Focus:  Education of Humanity from the Mystery School.  The Light of Understanding.  To inform those who are the teachers, to work with those who are the Fire of Creation bringing into realization the Power of the Feminine Energy to its fullest form.

Color:  First Ray, Blue or White

Flower:  A Lotus is presented with orchids.

Lady Isis is a soft gentle powerhouse.  She comes as a slender tall form that shines power wherever She glides.  Her long black hair is often pulled up in beads and symbols of gold and lapis.  Her beautiful bronzed skin is ageless. Her arms are adorned with bracelets and necklaces of lapis are often seen on Her.  Her love of dance is well known. Ascension classes have been Her main course.  Her teachings are considered a great treasure throughout the Omniverse.

She is known as a Sirian from the Isle Osiris and as an Egyptian on Earth.  She represents the Mother Goddess and many call Her Mother Isis, especially Her daughters.  She has called back Her daughters of olden times.  They have come from all over the Omniverse to be here at this long foretold time to share in the final teachings.  Each daughter has been taught in ways unknown to man of today.  Lady Isis works to bring back each daughter’s knowledge, to help each to establish a better world to live in, one where enjoyment is the utmost in daily lives.

Lady Isis lives in Her ‘summer home’ on the western edge of Sedona.  Her focus brings to Her the souls that wish to learn of the future.   Many come to Her home to study as their body rests on Earth often misinterpreting who teaches them.  Her teachings of the Mother Goddess are legendary throughout Creation.

She is an Ancient of Days as She examples the beauty to all living through Her ageless beauty within and without.  She is the daughter of Beloved Helios and Vesta.  Her birthday is celebrated on July 30th.


It is a great honor for me, Trillia Gia, to be asked by Mother Isis to bring forth again Her message by sharing with you Lady JoVeena’s interview with Her.  It is my highest joy to be of Her humble service.

‘Bring yourself into a state of Joy and live it.  You have to reach beyond living to know life.’  ~ Isis


Following are times that are celebrated within the Isotonian Beliefs:

March 9th – April 28th is the Time of Rebirth – the Time of Spring.

April 29th – May 18th is the Time of the Maidens.

May 19th – July 8th is the Time of Preparedness.

July 9th – September 30th is the Time of the New Year and Holy Season.

October 1st – November 28th is the Time of Knowing and refreshment. It is the wet season and time of floods.

November 29th – March 8th is the Time of Harvest, Inner Harvest, Time to Go Within and Settle Back.

July 30th is the Birthday of Mother Isis.

Mother Isis came forth to help develop a new Universe, to bring forth that which could establish the Goddess Belief within this solar system. Within the original Goddess belief the inner part of all knew acceptance of self and the Mother’s Love was carried forth into every person.


“Who are you? Why are you here? Allow your workings to come through.” ~ I Am Isis

Eye of Horus


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway