Goddess of Truth, Lady Pallas Athena


Goddess of Truth, Lady Pallas Athena, is an Ancient of Days


The Goddess Pallas Athena, an Ancient of Days, has been a part of the Earth energies for aeons.  She is a favorite in mythology of old and indeed many of these stories are true.

She was the Highest Priestess in the Temple of Truth in Atlantis and holds the title of Goddess of Truth as a representative of Cosmic Truth in this quadrant of Creation. On Atlantis, Pallas Athena’s great Light magnetized the green Flame of Truth so that it covered not only the continent of Atlantis but permeated the atmosphere of Earth. Pallas Athena established the Oracle of Delphi and is a member of Earth’s Karmic Board. Pallas Athena is from Uranus and of the House of Geno.

She is honored as a true symbol of dedication to a cause as Her love for Humanity is immeasurable.

Pallas Athena wears Her brown hair pulled up in a bun woven with an ivy garland.  Her intense gray eyes see all. She stands well over 8′ tall and has refined strikingly beautiful facial features.  Her clothing is usually a Greecian style gown worn with a braid of green ivy around Her waist and ivy leaves woven around the bottom hem.

Pallas Athena is honored within this galaxy as having the greatest legal mind.  As the Goddess of Truth She is one who if called upon will lovingly direct the energies of Truth into your legal matters and bring forth Truth for chelas upon the Path of Truth.

Pallas Athena’s sacred Retreat is above the isle of Crete. Her main focus is to bring forth the energy of Truth to all embodied souls on Earth. To call upon Her one must set aside ego and illusion and be ready to expand in one’s understanding of reality. She enjoys working with individuals with a scientific mind and those who desire to see the Truth of worlds beyond.  Her color is emerald green and is the Elohim who works with Lord Vista to bring forth Concentration and Consecration upon the 5th Ray of Green.

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“To know the true Joy of Living one must know and understand Truth. A life of Truth brings one the highest measure of Love, Joy, Freedom and Strength. For without Truth one does not know the meaning of Life.” ~Pallas Athena

“Let your heart reveal your truth for the ego and mind can lead you astray. Listen and know who you are and where you stand. Only Truth can free you!” ~Pallas Athena

“Life lived in Truth is an easy way to live. A life in illusion is one of struggle. How do you live?” ~Pallas Athena



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