Goddess Diana of the Electronic Energy

Goddess Diana of the Electronic Energy

Goddess of Transformation


Lady Diana

‘Look within to find the truth and the beauty of you.  Wash away the illusions to know freedom to BE the Light of  You.’

I AM Diana


Lady Diana comes to us from Arcturus to transmute the dense substance lodged around the electrons of the 4 lower bodies of Humanity. She represents the 7th Ray / Violet Ray and is the twinflame of Lord Arcturus. When called upon for assistance She intensifies the Flame of Purification within to release lower dross and expand through purification the Light within. She assists in raising one’s vibrations and to restore the body.

Lady Diana at one time worked through the Parthenon in Athens, Greece which is dedicated to Her. She incarnated on Earth as Queen Victoria in England. Now She is working through several locations, the Carpathian Mountains, Romania and mainly through the Caribbean Retreat of the Violet Flame.

This beautiful Goddess is soft, sensual and graceful and stands 8′ tall. She has very golden blonde hair that flies freely in the wind. Her very large eyes are a deep blue.  As a Venusian, She is typical for females of Her planet. She often wears soft sheer flowing Grecian style gowns in teals and lavenders which are Her favorite colors to crisp white gowns with soft pleated necklines. She loves life, enjoys parties and celebrations, and treasures family. She is the mother to the great lighted one who was known on Earth as Princess Diana. She has a sweetness about Her yet has an intense energy of dedication when She is at work.

She is mated to Lord Thymious a greatly honored Pleiadian Angel that is a brother to Lord Adrigon, the Lord of the Pleiades, and to Archangel Zadkiel. They currently reside upon one of the three largest Pleiadian Motherships, the Golden Rose. In the Pleiades they make their home together on the Isle of Towan.  Lady Diana is from the House of Kumara on Venus and Elohim of the 7th Ray of Transformation.  She currently serves, in part, at the Temple of Purification, the Retreat of Lord Zadkiel located above the island nation of Cuba.


The Golden Rose


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