Goddesses and Lady Masters


Hail to the Goddesses and Lady Masters ~

Beloved Ladies we honor You for the Love and Light You selflessly bring to our dear sweet Earth, which outshines the most beautiful rainbow within Creation.

Each of You are a radiant gemstone in the Crown of the Most High, bringing forth your powerful Beloved Focus to the children of Mother Earth, all who need Thy help.

Enfold us now, Dear Beloved Lady Masters. in the Essence of Your Love, in the Radiance of Thy Light. Open our hearts to Thy gentle peaceful ways awakening with us the memory of our divine identities and purpose.

Guide us into the One Light of God, that we may manifest Heaven on Earth. Shower all life upon and within our Beloved Mother Earth with Your powerful Rays of Love that we may be as Thee, flowers in full bloom within the Divine Bouquet of Life.

Your tender, loving care You so generously share with each of us. We are eternally grateful to Thee, Dear Benevolent Lady Masters. We love You. 


So Be It!

Lady Isis, Eternal Mother Goddess

Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

Lady Minerva, Goddess of Harmony

Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine

Goddess Diana of the Electronic Energy

Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice

Holy Lady Amethyst, Priestess of the World

Holy Lady Nina, Shekinah, First Lady of the Pleiades

Lady Faith, Twin Flame of Archangel Michael

Holy Lady Amazon, Elohim of the First Ray

Lady Rowena, Chohan of the Third Ray

Lady Astrea, Elohim of the Fourth Ray

Lady Joyce, Elohim of the  Eighth Ray

Lady Clarity, Archaii of the Eighth Ray

Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music

Lady Startuckus, Consciousness of Humanity

Goddess of Harmony, Archaii of Ninth Ray

Lady Constance, Archaii of Second Ray

Lady Pacifica, Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Lady Miriam, Beloved Teacher

Lady Chokama, Elohim of 13th Ray

Lady Hope, Archaii of Fourth Ray

Lady Gold-la, Elohim of the Ninth Ray

Lady Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy (draft)

Lady Uni Fa, Elohim of 12th Ray draft

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  1. Marz says:

    I’d love to know who is the mother of lady miriam


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      The mother of Lady Miriam would be Lady Anna Diaz, a cousin of Lord Benjamin Diaz, aka Lord Ashtar. The Diaz Family is the ruling family of the Isle (planet) of Ashtar. The present Shekinah of the Pleiades is Lady Nina, a Daughter of Lord Ashtar. The Divine Complement of Archangel Zadkiel VaCoupe is Lady Amethyst, the sister of Lord Ashtar. The close ties between the Pleiadian Federation and Ashtar go back thousands of years.


  2. Marz says:

    Is it true that Lord Ashtar is the higher self of president Vladimir Putin?


  3. Eliza Ayres says:

    Per our sources, Lady Miriam is the Divine Complement of Master El Morya. Lady Miriam is a Daughter of Holy Aelous, the Patriarch of the Kadish Family of the Isle of Airus, from the Pleiadian Star Nation. The Goddess of Light is a completely different person, very real ascended Lady Master, but not the Twin Flame of El Morya Khan.

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  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    Lady Miriam was the first mate of Lord Adrigon and the mother of Archangel Jychondria VaCoupe and Commander JoVere VaCoupe. Lord Adrigon is not currently mated. Twin Flames DO NOT mate in higher frequency worlds. Lady Miriam is the Divine Complement to El Morya and serves as a Teacher to Humanity. Lord Morya has a daughter Ozmanna, who is married to Commander Thorpus Vondarus, an Eagle Commander of Archangel Michael and singer renowned for his baritone voice.


  5. trillia1 says:

    Lord El Morya has a daughter named Ozmana.


  6. Eliza Ayres says:

    No. At best there might a ‘spark’ or ‘soul fragment’ of an Ascended Master or Lady on Earth, among the star seeds. Most ascended Masters work from the Etheric Retreats over Earth of which there are several. Some of the Masters work from the great Pleiadian Motherships stationed within this Solar System or from Venus. Many Light Councils also meet on The White Winds, the Pleiadian flagship of the Outer Pleiadian Fleet, part of the Galactic Federation of Light. I can’t answer for other races involved here other than the Sirians, Pleiadians, and Venusians. The Ashtar Command is part of the GFL and not the whole of it. Lord Ashtar (a title) aka Lord Benjamin Diaz, is a high frequency Master, as is Lord Arcturus. They have never descended in frequency in order to incarnate on Earth. You can look on the pages under: Lords of Light and Ladies and Goddesses to determine the different retreats.

    At this particular time of Earth’s evolution, there is somewhat of a changing of the guard. A great year (25,900 years) has completed and a new Age has begun (Aquarian Age). Not only that, but there is a waning of the Kali Yuga, which is overlapped by the waxing of the Satya Yuga (the Golden Age). Many of the starseeds who came to Earth towards the end of Lemuria are now in the process of withdrawing, reblending, and returning Home. The soul fragments of various Ascended Masters are mostly returning Home and reblending with their ascended Higher Self. I know this is true as I have witnessed this process happening for others of my acquaintenance.

    Due to the current low frequency of the planet’s population and the frequent attacks that star seed volunteers endure here, it has been determined by the Higher Councils NOT to allow any ascended being or being of high frequency to incarnate here in their entirety. At best, they can only send a small fragment of their consciousness into an incarnating child, usually as a walk-in after the child is older. The original soul, for whatever reason, makes an agreement to vacate the vehicle and the higher frequency soul enters in. Even many of the walk-ins are only here for a short time as they are clearing their own traumatic records stemming from experiences during the Orion Wars in Sirius and the Pleiadian Star Federation.

    Princess Diana was a complete light being in consciousness. Due to her sacrifice, no other high frequency being is being allowed to fully incarnate here now. When the Earth ascends further in frequency, this policy will be reviewed by the Lords and Ladies of the Karmic Board and the Hierarchy of Light overseeing the evolutions of Earth.

    If any so-called Ascension teacher claims they are an Ascended Master or Archangel, they are liars.

    Specialty Cmdr. Line Communications, Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, the White Winds, Pleiadian Flagship

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  7. Eliza Ayres says:

    From the write-up on Lady Faith, Divine Complement of Archangel Michael: Lady Faith is the sister to Lady Astrea, Lady Miriam, Lady Sarah and Lady Victoria. She is the daughter of Holy Aeolus. She is of the House of Kadish.

    The House of Kadish is the leading Family of the Isle of Airus, one of the primary isles (planets) within the Pleiadian Star Federation. The children of the Kadish Family have married into the other great Houses including the VaCoupe (Medina), Vanairus (BerWare), and Dino (Maia).
    You can ask but at this time, your question cannot be answered in full.

    To my present awareness, Lady Faith is not mated (married). Lady Victoria was married to Lord VaCoupe, father to the present Lord of the Pleiades, Lord Adrigon. Their children are: Adrigon, Aaronn, Thymious, Myosthus, Zadkiel (7th Ray Archangel) and Paulus. Adrigon, Aaronn and Thymious are the Top Commanders of the Outer Pleiadian Fleet.

    Lady Astrea is the Elohim of the 4th Ray White of Purity, Ascension, and Resurrection. She is currently mated to Archangel Michael, his first mating. They do not have any children.

    I do not know the mates or children (if any) of Lady Miriam and Lady Sarah.

    Their Father, Lord Aeolus, is an Ancient of Days, and represents the Holy Spirit. I do not know if He is presently mated. An Ancient of Days can have more than one mate as they live for thousands of years. Matings in the Pleiades, especially among the highest Houses, are sometimes designed specifically for the creation of specific children, high frequency Light Beings.

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    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Lord Adrigon is over 250,000 years old; he has had more than one mate. Some matings within the highest frequency families are short-lived, designed solely to bring specific Light Beings back into incarnation. I would have to do more research on this… and not right now. What is the purpose of your questions?


    • Maria says:

      Thank you indeed


  8. Olga says:

    Hello, thank you for all that you share. I have two questions, 1st, is it true that lady donna grace archaii of the 6th ray and mother mary are one person but still present herself as two seperate beings as she knows what the character of mother mary means to humanity? The 2nd qstion, is it true that lady miriam succeeding her divine complement Beloved El Morya as chohan of the 1st ray?


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Mother Mary is the Archaii of the 5th Ray, the Green Ray of Healing, Science, and Truth. She is not the same person as Lady Donna Grace.

      I am not aware that Master El Morya is going to give up His office of Chohan of the First Ray of Strength, Power, and Masculine Love. BTW, he is a Pleiadian Master from the House of Morya who has long worked with the evolutions of Terra.

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  9. Olga says:

    I thought he was Mercurian, I’ve read so in several different sources, and that he acquired his name from his embodiment as Morya Khan, a tibetan mahatma.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Yes, you’ll find quite a lot of disinformation and conflicting information on the Internet and from other sources. I’m just letting you know that Morya is a Pleiadian and that he comes from the House of Morya which is from one of the isles (planets) located within the Pleiadian Star Federation. As to his being from Mercury, well, I can’t comment on that. Many of the Ascended Masters from other worlds, star systems, and even galaxies who work here with the evolutions of Terra actually work from the higher frequency world of Venus and from their own Etheric Retreats above Terra (high 5D+). El Morya Khan’s retreat is over Darjeeling, India. He is a wonderful man with a huge heart and has worked long with humans here to assist in anchoring the Light of God-strength and Power upon the planet.

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  10. Tiaga Priya Kaur says:

    this concept of lady chakama deeply resonates within me. Where i can find more information about it? or its something that you chaneled? i’m super interested


    • Tiaga Priya Kaur says:

      also i find intereste that my mother which unique last name is diaz, alegates that she decent from atlatic civilization. it had been super challenging to embrace this concepts for me who aparently i’m a starseed. there ir any source where i can investigate about this diaz lineage? Aparently they are naturaly psyquic


      • Eliza Ayres says:

        The Diaz name is an Ashtarian Family. As far as I know, there are no sources to further investigate this lineage… available here on Earth. If you do have such a connection, go within and ask. If you are in alignment, you may find the answers you seek.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      It is Lady Chokama, Goddess of Life from the Pleiadian Isle of Morova (isle = planet). She is a tiny elemental (below 4 feet in height) and primary Teacher of Shamans in the Pleiadian Federation. She is an Ancient of Days and is over One Million Years old. You will not find any information on her in old Metaphysical volumes as She is a Pleiadian Goddess, not of the Earth. There is no need to “channel” someone when you know them in person. I call Her “Grandmother”.


  11. Eliza Ayres says:

    Neither Lady has been incarnated on Earth.

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  12. anthonyogana says:

    How can an ascended master student know if he or she is from any of the GFL or has a relation from GFL.

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