The Pleiadian Council of Nine



sirian star ship


For some unknown intuitive “reason”, Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjma Amariah Kumara) once asked the air, “Who sent me here?”

The answer she received was a slightly cryptic one, “The Council of Nine.”

Okay… actually she had heard of the Council.  And she knew it was based in the Pleiades. However, she didn’t realize then that she was also related through her Higher Self, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, to several of the council members.

Material from the Nine has been received by other channels.

The one known on Earth as Eliza Ayres recently completed the final stage of her reblending process with her Higher Self, Tazjma, this past spring.  And I, as her sister and walk-in, am in the process of remembering my own existence as a member of the Pleiadian Starfleet command, abroad the flagship, The White Winds.

As my sister, RaNia and I trade visions, and remembrances, we trigger even more.  One day we were sitting comparing notes when we began to remember just who the current members of the Council of Nine.  These are all beings who are highly evolved and acknowledged throughout the Pleiades for their wisdom and soul development.

The members:

Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, Lord of the Pleiades, Head Commander of Pleiadian Fleet

Lord Zadkiel VaCoupe, Archangel of the Violet Flame

Lady Claudine Vanairus, Goddess of Change, Queen of BerWare, Karmic Board of Earth

Lord Thymious VaCoupe, Commander of The Golden Rose, second mothership of the Pleiadian Fleet

Lord Jychrondria VaCoupe, Archangel of the Opalescent Ray

Lord Jophiel, Archangel of the Second Ray of Illumination

Holy Aelous, Cosmic Holy Spirit, House of Kadish, the Pleiades

Lord Maitreya, Cosmic Christ, and ascension mentor to Sananda Kumara (Yeshua) and others

Lord Ezekiel, Archangel of Transformation, Violet Ray

Lady Chokama, as Head Shaman of the Pleiades, also periodically attends these meetings as an advisor.

The Council members act as advisers and mentors for those who are undertaking the difficult path to ascension.  They are dedicated to over-seeing the ascension of Gaia, back to her original Divine Blueprint.

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