Councils of Light


In the starry worlds of the “higher” dimensions, there are many “councils”, so it was decided to dedicate a page to some of the messages that Tazjma and others have received from a few selected councils.

Recently, RaNia and I “remembered” that our own Uncle, Lord Adrigon, sits at the head of the Council of Nine and the Pleiadian High Council, among others.  As such, we particularly value the messages and wisdom received from our starry Family.

Use the links provided below to reach the main page for each Council’s main page.  If more councils communicate through us, we will post their messages, also.  This is to benefit all those who visit these pages, for as you read, you are receiving lightcodes and activations.

In humble and grateful service,

I AM Sundeelia VaCoupe, Line Commander, The White Winds

❤ ❤ ❤

Click on the links below for the Councils:

Council of Nine


❤ ❤ ❤