Benediction for the Ascension Flame



Sealed in the Crystalline Light of God’s Mighty Ascension Flame, we send forth our eternal love and gratitude to the Presence of God I AM, in us and in all mankind.

Archangel Michael, Lady Faith, and all Beings of God’s First Ray, we bless and thank You for creating and sustaining the protective force-field in which we live, move and work, and from which we blaze forth the Light of God that is eternally victorious!

Beloved Saint Germain and Beloved Jophiel, our love for You knows no bounds!  Thank  You for showing us the powerful link between Forgiveness, Gratitude and Freedom in the Light. We ask that You pour this Wisdom through us for the blessing and raising of all Life.

Beloved Serapis Bey and Lady Astrea, we love, thank and bless You for Your outpouring of Purity and Perfection.  As we journey toward our own Ascension in the Light, and work unceasingly for the salvation and redemption of all life on our Mother Earth, may the focus of the Ascension Flame within our hearts burn ever brighter. May it raise the vibratory action of all life we contact into conscious Unity with The Presence of the Christ!



So Be It!


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