Lady Hope via Eliza Ayres: Peace Be Within

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Lady Hope:  Peace be Within

I AM Hope.  I spring eternal from within every heart who listens to the birds sing their mating calls and feels their heart respond with soaring flight and wonder.  I am the tiny brook who soothes the weary traveler at day’s end.  I am the glorious sunset that sets the western skies alight.  I AM Hope.

As Priestess of the White Ray, along with my Divine Complement Archangel Gabriel, we serve to anchor the Light of Purity, Ascension, and Resurrection into your world, especially today and in the days to come. 

As many of you have been recently compelled by outer circumstances to curtail your usual activities, you will find yourself at first shocked, then angered, then, hopefully, eventually you will begin to relish the time spent alone with yourself.  It is a time to weigh your progress through the process of self-examination. 

We understand introspection is an activity that has not been widely accepted or encouraged by your cultural mores.  However, if you are homebound, unable to work, to go to a movie, to go to a restaurant or bar with friends… to gather in groups, you will discover a need to examine your conflicting thoughts and feelings.  This is something that is natural to those among you whom most people call introverts. 

In this time of major change, transition, and the crashing down of old systems, it is the introverts and the hypersensitive empaths among you who will thrive.  They are well used to seeking shelter from the bombardment of an all-too-frenetic outer world.  They are much practised to the need to seek peace and quiet within their own heart spaces.  In times like these, they relish the time to seek the quiet things like reading a book, listening to soothing music, or journaling.

The inner worlds are rich with new things to explore, whether it be connecting with your Higher Self, your mentors, learning about your past lives, or simply being quiet listening to your own Heart beat in your ears. For many of you who have thought little upon your connection to God or Source, it might come as a surprise or challenge to venture into this new inner territory.

Seek the Kingdom within for in that Place God dwells.  Each of you who has a heart flame can approach this wondrous Kingdom and build up the Flame that sits astride the altar, wherein the Presence of the Inner Christ resides.  Sit, focus on your chest, and visualize the altar, the three-fold flame within.  As you sit quietly, you will begin to feel a warmth envelope your chest, perhaps even spreading to your head and limbs, depending on how sensitive you are.  Seek to still the fear and release it, using the combination of the blue ray of divine masculine strength and power and blending with the compassion and unconditional love of the divine feminine pink ray to create the Violet Ray… the Flame of Freedom that dissolves, transmutes, transforms, and washes your auric field of all miscreation, that which can be removed layer by layer.

The practice and art of spiritual evolution is a personal journey undertaken by those who wish to align themselves fully with what is Good and Whole.  Those who have chosen to Serve as the hearts and hands of the Divine Presence in All will be stepping forward in the coming days, months and years to bring peace to those who are frightened and disheartened by the great changes.

There is nothing to fear.  Fear has been cleverly used by those who wished to capture your attention, to use you as slaves and chattel, to direct you in ways that are not conducive to spiritual evolution.

We cannot and will not direct your actions or thoughts for you have free will.  You will come to realize, eventually, that only you are your own personal savior.  The first step to that realization is to seek to quiet your heart and simply observe the world with different eyes, with your inner vision that weighs in each moment what is healthy for you to undertake and what is not.  Listen to the wisdom of your body who is fully adapted to the frequencies of this world and beyond.  When you feel warmth in your heart, the path forward is clear and right.  When you feel a tightness in your solar plexus, the path forward will not support you.

Spirituality is not difficult.  It cannot be learned from a book.  It cannot be memorized.  It must be felt within your vehicle, your temporary home during this life journey.  There are lessons to learn.  It is your choice how those lessons will be served to you, whether by a short intense path or a longer, winding rocky path.  Each individual, dark or light (not skin color but heart light or lack thereof) has a choice to come into alignment or not.  We cannot and will not walk the Path for you yet whatever your choice, we stand beside you without Judgment.

Go now in peace, my children.  As a representative of the Divine Mother of all I can call you my children.  I AM Hope and I am here beside you if ever you need a helping hand.  Call upon me, upon my Divine Complement, upon our Legions, and we are there.  We require your permission to act on your behalf, yet ever will we send you our Love and encouragement which will flow in when you open your heart to us and the other Legions of Angels.

I AM Hope.  Blessed be for all Eternity.

Transcribed by Eliza Ayres, 18 March 2020.

© All Rights Reserved,  Permission is NOT given to duplicate this written material through video or recording.

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