Sundeelia: A Time to Come Together

Lord Michael’s Blue Flame Sword

Sundeelia: A Time to Come Together

So, the time long foretold when an old corrupt “world” would collapse of its own weight has arrived. However the ultimate fall was triggered, it is done now, it is happening before our very eyes, the proverbial shift has hit the fan. Now, it is time for people to step away from looking outside of themselves for answers, for someone in “authority” to direct them, or to seek to silence those “others” who disagree with their political or cultural beliefs. None of that means anything now when all of humanity is facing unbelievable structural changes to the very fabric of life and society, when all that people know has been revealed as being devised from the tissues of lies and propaganda.

Now it is time to decide within each heart what truly is important in life.

Outside the sun still shines. The birds still sing and fly through the air. The flowers bloom, decay, and fall… following ageless cycles of birth, life, death, and renewal. Nature has not failed, and so we will not… given faith and hope and the sure knowledge that life and existence continues whether or not we are present. Having remembrance of my own many lives and deaths and rebirth, I can say this with surety. Life continues and follows the spirals of time.

So, you can’t go to the store to buy another useless item made in China. You can live without it. So you will have to learn to eat with more thrift, much like our parents and grandparents did while living through the Great Depression and two world wars. The creativity that is within all of us will come forward as soon as we release the fear of change and learn to adapt to the circumstances that now confront us. We are safe. We are whole. And we can learn to release the blinders that have prevented us from seeing the Light that exists within every heart however clouded or concealed.

If the Internet goes down, find things to do to entertain yourself. Take up a hobby, read a book, write in your journal (with a pen!), paint a picture even if it is a scribble… do something to move the energies within. When you arrive at a place of internal calm, realize that you are wholly yourself despite any current circumstances. You will survive these alterations and changes coming upon society and those who do will discover a world transformed.

If you find yourself falling into fear, breath slowly and deeply. If you need to move, take a walk or dance. The sky is not falling, only an old brittle control system is being systematically dismantled from within.

What more can I say at present? Not much, only that all will be well. Keep the faith that love is eternal and all around you. Let hope spring eternal from the fountain within, the Fountain of Light that is your threefold flame and feel the warmth of the heartfire that exists there informing you that the Soul is at home, within the body, your temporary vehicle.

For these times, I suggest studying the teachings of the Violet Flame of Saint Germain. Use the Violet Flame mantras to dissolve, transmute, and transform all energies (including fear) that exist within your auric field. Some people who expect spiritual practices to be complicated and required someone else to guide you through them will be surprised at the efficiacy of the Violet Flame.

Utilize the Shield of Archangel Michael to strengthen your auric field, your internal resolve to thrive even within trying times such as these. It is times of change and transition when complacency is shattered and people have to deal with reality. It will be difficult for many and so they will project their fears and discomfort upon others instead of discovering what they can do to help themselves and others.

We are in this together. Let us see who will survive with grace and ease. Know that anything that arrives in your life is a test of how prepared you are to remain in alignment with the Will of God. Those who fail and there will be many, will simply be given an opportunity to retest.

The messages given forth by Archangel Michael through His Scribe Ronna Herman Venzane and the works of Patricia Cota-Robles are some of the most reassuring and uplifting to be found (at least IMHO) today. See what gives you peace when you can no longer be distracted by sports, shopping, movies, and the like.

The shutdowns are a temporary condition and will cease when the “all-clear” is given. Learn patience and be in joy. Life will never be the same for any of us.

Go in Grace, Joy, Love and the Light of the Divine Christ Consciousness.

I AM Sundeelia, Specialty Commander, Line Communications, The White Winds, flagship for the Outer Pleiadian Fleet.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, Permission is NOT given to create videos/recordings from this written material.

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