Ego Traps on the Road to Enlightenment

Blue Dragon Journal

Ego Traps on the Road to Enlightenment

Eliza Ayres

been a while since I have felt motivated to present some personal thoughts via
this platform. However, the occasion
does arises when I feel compelled to share some of my perspective on what is
being generally bandied about in New Age groups as “enlightenment” and “ascension”.

With many young people and misguided older ones being lured into believing the lies of socialism, is it any wonder that many of these individuals who consider themselves as “spiritual” want to identify as being something more than they appear to be at present in their human lives.  When some of these naïve individuals encounter the terms “ascension” and “enlightenment” they truly believe they deserve instant gratification.  They WANT to be a part of what they believe is the “in-crowd”, the ascending ones.

As a result, they seek out those “teachers” who will convey…

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