The Planetary Awakening and How YOU are Part of the Solution



By Paul A. Philips, New Paradigms, Thanks to Conscious Life News

posted January 27, 2017 – Open-hearted Rebel


In the quest for global domination the powers that be and their associates have had to build up layer upon layer of deception to control the human race, which only goes to show that they cannot enslave us through outright overt aggression alone.

For them, the fear of losing control is far greater than the fear experienced by the collective human race through their controlling: The controllers know that their armoury is a lot thinner and more vulnerable than what they have led us to believe…

In effect the controllers have made a fake reality where every insane perversion and paradox goes against the natural flow of things, allowing them (as they have) to parasite off the human race. But their theatre of illusion with its secrets and lies is getting found out by a growing number of awakened humans. –Indeed, what the controllers fear the most are the consequences of this…

Then, there’s another weakness. As the controllers push towards complete ownership of Mother Earth and her resources, inhabitants included, there are the opposing factions within. Each controlling faction group has conflicting agendas while competing against each other.

-It’s quite ironic that the only group that hasn’t vied for complete ownership is the collective human race.

Some controllers are more interested in owning and controlling Earth’s resources. To some, winning the prize would mean complete ownership and control of the resources alone and doing away with Earth’s inhabitants, if that what it takes.

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Holy Land

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2 Responses to The Planetary Awakening and How YOU are Part of the Solution

  1. joyshimmers says:

    AMAZING!! ✨🙏

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    • Eliza Ayres says:

      How do you like the new blog? It is a co-operative effort between Trillia Gia and me. I’ve been building it for the last three weeks or so. Will be adding a lot of back-dated blog posts and more from my blog, Blue Dragon Journal. This blog is meant to be more of a permanent (hopefully) reference for people. We will be doing a formal announcement of the “Grand Opening” soon.
      Eliza (aka Sundeelia VaCoupe)

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